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Pass Christian, MS

The City of Pass Christian is snuggled on the western edge of Harrison County, gleaming like an emerald against the white sand beaches and dove blue-gray waters of the Mississippi Sound. The City is a proud and vibrant community, having made a resounding recovery from a direct hit by Hurricane Camille in 1969. On August 29, 2005, Pass Christian found itself in the direct path of Hurricane Katrina, the worst disaster to ever occur in the United States. 

Affectionately called “The Pass,” the city’s name comes from the deep water marine pass which runs between the barrier islands and the coast line. The pass was discovered in 1699 and became a path for ships traversing the coastal waters. The name Pass Christian originated from a French Settler, Christian L’Adnier, who settled on Cat Island and then the mainland in the early 17th century. 

 Pass Christian beach

              Pass Christian Beach

Pass Christian view
                Pass Christian View

The city was incorporated in 1838, but it was enough of a community in 1811 to receive a visit from U.S. emissary Dr. William Flood, who raised an American flag there for the first time. 

Pass Christian became one of the Six Sister Cities, the Coast resorts favored by Wealthy New Orleanians. Many vacationers arrived by steamboat, and later train, to escape the summer heat and disease of the big city. And many eventually built summer mansions here during the Civil War. 

Pass Christian was the location of one of the Coast’s few federal invasions during the Civil War. The Rebs escaped to the woods with the Yanks in hot pursuit. Before they chased the Rebs into the woods they shelled the village causing extensive damage. 

Another battle was fought in 1969 when Hurricane Camille’s eye and its destructive tidal surge struck. Over 35 years after the devastation of Hurricane Camille and over 130 years after the destruction of the Civil War, Hurricane Katrina destroyed ninety percent of Pass Christian’s homes and businesses. While our historic homes and landmarks have fallen victim to Hurricane Katrina, we hold our heritage proudly in our hearts.

Today, Pass Christian is a community proud of its unsinkable spirit which is active, vocal, and indefatigable in the face of challenge. Despite formidable challenges, Pass Christian is a place where people live, where people work hard, where people are educated, and most importantly, it is a place where people do not give up during hard times.

Pass Christian community                    Pass Christian Community
Pass Christian after hurricane  
                 After Hurricane