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Gifted Program
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The Mississippi Gifted Education Act of 1989, as amended in 1993, mandates that each public school district within the state provide gifted education programs for intellectually gifted students in Grades 2 and 6.

Letter to Parents from the District Gifted Education Coordinator


The Pass Christian School District
Gifted Education Department

                                  DeLisle Elementary School
                                  Gifted Education Teacher and Contact Person
                                  Stacey Meyer - 255.6219


                                  Gifted Education Teacher

                                  Jillian Fisher -255.6219



                                  Pass Christian Elementary
                                  Gifted Education Teacher
                                  Lori Fisher - 452.5200


                                  Gifted Education Teacher
                                  Jane Bunn - 452.5200



                                  Pass Christian Middle School
                                  Gifted Education Teacher 
                                  Lori Fisher - 452.5220


                                  Gifted Education Teacher
                                  Jane Bunn - 452.5220



Gifted Program Brochure

Intellectually Gifted Instructional Management Plan

2013-2014 Annual Self-Evaluation

Family Right to Privacy Act

Regulations for Gifted Education Programs

Standards for Gifted Education Programs

Concepts Newsletter Winter 2014 

Student Projects (Video)

WLOX editorial on Gifted Education

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