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PCMS History Fair Winners
Pass Christian Middle School
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Posted On: Wednesday, March 05, 2014

1st Place:

Front row: MacKenzie Berger - Susan B. Anthony, Marly Crawford - Women's Suffrage, Gavin Foster - Operation Dynamo, Taylor Dedeaux - Glass Ceiling, William Crawford - Trail of Tears, Hayes Leyser - Teddy Roosevelt.


2nd Place:

Second row: Cassidy Rogers - Little Rock 9, Dalton Necaise - Battle of Vicksburg, Brooklyn Hall - Apollo II, Jada Flores - Civil Rights Movement, Alexis Pellegrin - Wisconsin Milk Strike, Craig Halstead - My Lai Massacre.


3rd Place:

Third row: Luc Jackson - Great Raid of 1840, Samantha Berger - Gay Rights, Katie Johnson - Oklahoma City Bombing, Christian La Fontaine - Bullying, Jessica Salaun - Salem Witch Trials, Darren Prince - Hunting Rights.