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Pass Christian Middle School Students Enjoy Their First Day Back to School With Missions and Mysteries
Pass Christian Middle School
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Posted On: Friday, August 19, 2016

Every year the Pass Christian Middle School Renaissance Committee selects a theme for the new school year. This year’s theme is Mission Possible: Academics, Behavior, Attendance.  PCMS Pirates were welcomed by teachers and administrators in a “Welcome to PCMS” rally.  Unfortunately, during the rally our PCMS Pirate mascot mysteriously disappeared.  As students reported to classes, they received their first mission:  Study the clues in each class to determine who kidnapped our PCMS Pirate.  Those with the correct answers of who, where, and how were entered into a drawing for prizes at a second rally at the end of the day.  In addition to solving the challenging mystery, students and teachers spent the first day creating personal mission statements for the 2016-2017 school year in regard to academics, behavior, and attendance. 

As students entered the rally at the end of the day, each child received a Mission Possible T-Shirt. The tension grew as the mystery was revealed.  Congratulations to the following students who correctly solved the mystery and won the drawing:  Brianna McKay – eighth grade, Valerie Vann – seventh grade, and Anne Allen – sixth grade. 

Throughout the school year, PCMS will have many Renaissance celebrations, such as Hawaii 5-0 for fifty days of perfect attendance, Fabulous 50’s for fifty days without a discipline referral, and NFL (No Failure League) – students without any F’s on their progress reports.  PCMS Honor Roll students will receive a T-Shirt and a card which will entitle them to rewards every T-Shirt Tuesday.  A vital part of our PCMS mission is to recognize and reward those who work hard and strive for success in academics, behavior, and attendance.