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Gifted Education Department
      It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Pass Christian School District's Intellectually Gifted Program.  In keeping with the the district's vision, Committed to Excellence, our gifted program offers your child nothing less than an excellent enrichment opportunity.  Our gifted teachers do an amazing job providing your child with a wide variety of challenging and interesting lessons.  They promote creative thinking and expression, encourage exploration and inquiry, allow students to experience topics in greater depth and complexity all the while interacting with their intellectual peers.  The gifted teachers are committed to providing each student with the tools they need to be successful lifelong learners.  
         The mission of the Pass Christian Public School District, in partnership with families and community, is to empower all students to be college and career ready, critical thinkers, and contributing citizens.  I invite you to play an active role in supporting the many activities and outings offered by the gifted classes.  Your support is vital in providing excellent educational experiences for our gifted students.
District Gifted Coordinator
School Psychometrist
Gifted Education Teacher
6303 W. Wittman Road
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Phone: 228-255-6219 – Fax: 228-255-6222
Gifted Education Teacher

270 West Second Street
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Phone: 228-452-5200 – Fax: 228-452-5205
Sarah Badeaux 
Gifted Education Teacher
280 West Second Street
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Phone: 228-452-5220 – Fax: 228-452-5221


Mission Statement of the Pass Christian School District Gifted Program

The mission of the Pass Christian Public School District Intellectually Gifted Program is to provide a qualitatively differentiated educational program for gifted students based on their exceptional abilities thereby enabling the gifted students to realize their potential contributions to self and society.  


The Intellectually Gifted Program, in keeping with the district's vision "Committed to Excellence" and in accordance with the Regulations for the Gifted Education Programs in Mississippi (2013), recognizes that gifted children require a qualitatively different educational experience.  Our district is dedicated to providing an educational enrichment program that addresses the unique talents, needs, and learning styles of our gifted students.  The Intellectually Gifted Program strives to give students the opportunity to be fulfilled, productive, contributing citizens.