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 Special Services

The Pass Christian Public School District Special Services Department supervises the identification process for students suspected of having a disability. Once identified the district strives to provide all students with disabilities ages 3 through 20 a free appropriate public education in their least restrictive environment based on the Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and Mississippi state law.

In keeping with the district’s vision, Committed to Excellence, we believe that all students have the potential to be learners no matter what their exceptionality. The purpose of special education is to provide an equal opportunity so that all students can access a meaningful curriculum to foster their unique gifts and potential.

The administration and staff are dedicated to individualizing each student’s educational program to best meet their needs. Our special educators collaborate with parents, regular educators, and support staff to develop appropriate programs promoting student success. Special educators work diligently to improve their students’ academic, social emotional, and behavioral skills to ensure progress at a reasonable rate to meet their individual annual goals.

As our students journey through their educational process in the Pass Christian Public School District, it is our hope they will gain the ability to advocate for themselves and acquire the skills necessary to support a smooth transition into post-secondary education or employment opportunities based on their individual strengths. 

Dr. Rymsky Labat   Ashleigh Butterfield  
Special Services Director
Case Manager
Curriculum & Instruction Secretary


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