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Medical Benefits

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi

Email with any questions regarding your premiums. 

Who to Call

Questions about a medical claim, benefits, filing an appeal or to verify coverage?

Call Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi at 800-709-7881 or visit their website at

Questions about a medical provider or facility?

Call the AHS State Network at 800-294-6307 or go to Provider Search to find a participating physician or facility.

Questions regarding medical or disease management, pre-certification for hospital admissions, or health and wellness programs through Motivating Mississippi, Keys to Living Healthy? 

Contact ActiveHealth Management at 866-939-4721 or go online to

Questions about a prescription, pharmacy claim or benefits?

Call Prime Therapeutics at 855-457-0408 or visit their website at

Questions about life insurance?

Call Minnesota Life at 877-348-9217 or go online to Minnesota Life for additional information and online beneficiary management. 

Questions about the State and School Employees' Health Insurance Plan?

Call the Office of Insurance at 601-359-3411 or toll-free at 866-586-2781. You can also send us an email at